MrJuly 4th
USA Independance Day by
The Declaration of Independence in July 2-4, 1776

The Birth of the Ordu Norvu Secloruum - "New Order of the Ages" Nation of Immigrants Build Upon the Backs of American Chattel Slaves (ACS), Becoming E Pluibus Unum - "Out of Many, One", of Which is Annuit Ceptus - He (GOD), Has Favored"Bulletin: NFL "The Pre-Emancipation Proclamation, or Part I of Such
The Emanciption Proclamation Is The Second Declaration of Independence,
or Part II of Such

TTaThe NFL's "Take A Knee" Rebellion

See Mr. Patriot's "Kneel Under GOD" Response

                                 "I Want You To..."I Want You To..."

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