Activities of Mister Patriot, aka Uncle Sam include the following:


1.  appears before US Military Veterans events such as Old Guard Veterans festivals at the Veterans Homeland in Brentwood, California; and USO venues including military bases (home and abroad) for the active duty Troops of all branches, especially hospitals for our wounded warriors;

2.  singing the National Anthem for professional and amature, pre-game ceremonies; conducts, Edutainmennt Sing-A-Long Concerts of Patriotic encourement, such during professional and amature games half-times;

3. parties for children, teens, and adults of all levels, as well as busines and social clubs, even political conventions of all Parties;

4. processions and parades, especially those of patiotic holidays such as July 4th, Memorial and Veterans Days, etc;

5. institutions of learning ranging from K thru 12, to college and univerities, social clubs and business associations, and youth organizations such as; The Boys & Girls Scouts of America.

To make arrangements for a Mister Patriot - Uncle Sam appearance, call:

Robert Rosebrock  310-490-6495
Ted Hayes  424-248-4219
Email:  Info@MrPatriot.US

Thank you kindly!

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