The Credentials of Mister Patriot

"Show me your papers"

According To The Civil Rights Act of 1866,
Progenitor & "Rosetta Stone" of the 14th Amendment

See Lincoln Factor and Identity & Role

The Americans from which Mister Patriot is derived are the heart and soul of We the People, and indeed the mysterious “national treasure” of what the United States represents as the geo-political entity that will bring forth the America of the founding fathers’ dream and wishes for all the world to benefit.


Our beloved country is to be a blessing for other nations, even as GOD, the Central Figure of the Declaration of Independence has already done for the United States.


This fact is demonstrated and upheld by the cause of the Civil War, which is the conflict between immigrant heritage Americans, whereby more lives were taken in a mere 5 years than all the combined wars of by the United States.


The dead of the war to end slavery, not counting the millions of wounded, numbers circa 740, 000,  primarily young, "white citizens" men and boys, along with circa 38,000 of escaped chattel slaves and *Freemen.

  • "Freemen" - Are Americans of African origins who were not chattel, nor escaped slaves, but were either born free of those whom escaped the institution, or of the tradition of indentured - voluntary servitude as other willing-immigrants.  Comparative to the chattel slaves, Freemen were few in number.

  • They were included in the gurantees of the 1866 Civil Act, granted them citizenship "as is enjoyed by white citizens" as well.

As Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Abraham Lincoln noted that the conflict of 1861-1865 was about chattel slavery, as that matter was the central cause for the Union to be a “house divided against itself”; and that ending it, the United States would not perish after all.                                     

"These slaves constituted a peculiar and powerful interest. All knew that this interest was somehow the cause of the war." Lincoln

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