The Identity and Role of

Mister Patriot

For A  Such A Time As Now

"Now is the time...the fierce urgency of now" MLK


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The Contemporary, Unorthodox Uncle Sam

This nuance American character, known as Mister Patriot, emanates from and inherits the long legacy of the iconic Uncle Sam figure that has origins dating back to and beyond United States Revolution of 1776.


Unlike the orthodox, traditional Uncle Sam whose physical features were those of the English speaking, European-Caucasians (“white”), Mister Patriot is unorthodox as it appears as the very opposite as an African-Negroid (“black”- Colored).


The character of Uncle Sam ranks among the highest of America’s iconic symbols such as Miss or Lady Liberty, commonly dubbed the Statue of Liberty; along with the Bald Eagle, the Liberty Bell and of course, the red, white, blue, Old Glory or Stars and Strips flag.


Therefore, for a time such as this, by the will of We the People, and the will of GOD, being the personification of what is meant in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitutional 1866 Civil Rights Act, it is the mission of Mister Patriot to inspire and timulate that "Yankee-inginuity", American spirit/attitude that this great “nation of immigrants and chattel slaves” is known for.


 The traditional Uncle Sam, evolved from the ancient, Brother Jonathan character of early New England, which morphed into the Lincoln-like image of the US Civil War, and later, the familiar figure known today as the finger pointing, white haired-beard, Anglo-Euro-English image popularized on WWI and WWII posters.


It appears that the Uncle Sam image seems to rise in times of severe national security threats to raise up a standard against the enemies of the United States, whether its militarily or ideological.

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