Talking Points

By owning and wearing a Mister Patriot button, you are automatically enlisted into a We the People, Civilian Citizen, Patriot Peace Army to ideologically fight for our nation’s sovereignty.

Instead of guns, bullits, bombs, etc, to repel foriegn and anti-Ameican ideologies,  we have divised a strategy of using the Mister Patriot character concept to generate inquisitive discussion about its image, character, as well as its particular and ultimate objective.

The nuance patriotic character will draw into thoughtful conversation all persons regardless of their political affiliations, whereby patriots are empowered to more effectively define the identity and purpose of the United States of America.

Furthermore, as understanding of Mister Patriot increases, patriots will discover the moral "high ground" of the American Dream, and thereby the character then becomes a shield of protection for them as they move offensively forward against the doctrines of destruction, hence, America’s Black Shield; or DCS Shield (Descendants of Chattel Slaves)

Question I: Who and/or what is Mister Patriot

Answer: The nuance patriotic symbol the traditional “Uncle Sam” which is as follows:

  • Unlike the traditional image of a Euro-American of willing-immigrant heritage (Caucasian-white)this character is of chattel slavery – Jim Crow (Negroid-black) heritage

  • Note: Jim Crow - Ninety-nine years (1865-1954) legislated racial discrimination in the US against freed chattel slaves, Freedmen and their respective descendant children, primarily by southern states of the former rebellion of 1861-1865 

          > See “Who and What is Mister Patriot” at this direct link

Question II:  Given the horrific oppressions that blacks have suffered under the US Stars & Stripes flag, why is Mister Patriot portrayed as an African-American, i.e. Negro, black, Colored, etc?  Isn’t this a mockery to both black and white American citizens?

Answer: The Imagery is proper, fitting and timely because it is ironically truthful

  • In this matter of patriotism, the rationale and challenge that Mister Patriot brings is one that says, “If Americans of such a brutal heritage can find truth and the ideals of freedom within the United States, no immigrant heritage person has reasonablejustification to complain.  As they willing came to the USA, so they can willingly leave it.

  • The African slaves did not choose to willingly immigrate to the Americas, but now that they are here, the United States who inherited chattel slavery from the British Empire in July 1776, ultimately waged a very bitter war with itself concerning their existence, followed by an unprecedented three Constitutional Amendments specifically for them and their descendant children until the citizenship demand of Section 1 of the Civil Rights Act of 1866 has been sufficiently met.  See Mister Patriot Identity and Role 

  • It is fitting and proper that this nuance Uncle Sam is rising to the fore of American folk lore patriotism, by the character and image of Mister Patriot.

Conclusion:  Mister Patriot is designed to instigate meaningful racial discussion throughout the United States whereby we can discover solutions or prescribed remedies for healing the inherited "wound" in the national soul of our country.